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Is your (online) visual content truly engaging your target audience? Is it effectively conveying your brand story and supporting your business goals? If you're struggling with these questions and seeking to optimize your visual content,

let me introduce myself.


I’m Gwendolyn Tan. I have worked for many years as an

Art director and Designer in the Magazine and Retail business.

A place where I could exploit my Creativity very well.

Working for different brands has strengthen me to create forward thinking ideas. I have the ability to work in different disciplines which is needed: Visual design, Photoshoots,

Brand identity, Online content, Video’s and TVC campaigns.


My approach is to transform great ideas in visual content. Creating Concepts & Art Direction isn’t just about making products or services look pretty. It’s finding creative ways to

tell a narrative visually and connecting an impactful design direction to that.


Capturing the attention and engagement of your target
consumer is critical. Together we can clearly define your goals after which I will create a compelling concept and visual story for your business. One that maximizes consumer engagement and supports your professional needs.


Working with other fantastic Creatives is always a pleasure!

My job is all about ideas. Let’s create and inspire each other.


Feel free to get in touch!


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